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How to Cope With High School Teenagers Who Like Stealing

, Teen Stealing:

As a matter of fact, there are many approaches parents should take into consideration to cope with teenagers of high school who steal frequently. First, you have to show consequence of stealing. It is simple to make your children understand as to this matter. Just ask your children to admit what they have stolen and then make them get into an activity that will turn the money back. You, for example, give your child any task that will be accomplished when money gathered is equal with a sum of money they have stolen.

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How to Communicate with Your 1st – 5th Grader Children

, Communicate With Graders:

It is necessary to you to communicate with your children whether they are on 1st – 5th grader. It is also necessary to you to understand the language of your children so that you can gather what exactly they want when they communicate with you. You have to know that children on age 2nd and 3rd grader are having a thought that they are true and it is difficult to ask them directly what do they want.

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Different Curriculum of Social Studies 1st – 5th grader in the United States

, 5th Grade Social Studies:

Moreover, by delivering the social studies to 5th grader children, they are expected can be grateful for others country’s cultures as well as they understand to perceive their present society. Besides, by this lesson, a 5th grader child is also expected to be a better citizen in their country so that they knew what recently happen to their environment. Both 1st – 5th grader children is expected to be a better citizen, but their different level of intelligence makes a 3rd grader social study’s lesson slightly easy than a 5th grader social study’s lesson. Thus, this different curriculum of the social studies is caused by the different level of intelligence between 3rd grader children and 5th grader children.

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Toddlers have Sensitivity

, Tantrums In Toddlers:

Toddlers can do everything based on their felling such as, angry, crying, laughing etc. Sometimes they also get the bored condition that will make them uncomfortable. The tantrum in children often appears in uncomfortable condition. It also becomes one of the unique behaviors of the children that must be noticed. It is usually happen on age three years old. They begin to have the sensitivity of their feeling. They also often make the parent annoying. Tantrum is a bad habit of the children. It must get the special treatment. The bad effect will be happen in the future if the children are not controlled.

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Discussion About Homework

, Young Boy Doing Homework:
, Children Homework Debate:
, Doing Homework:
, 32 Homeworkdebate:
, To Much Homework:

The author said that there is no clear correlation between homework and academic achievements. Even, homework only adds stress toward the students. as the effect, there can be students who still do the homework until late night and they get less chance to do activities with their families. in order to decrease the stress, there are some school which ban the homework. But, there are still some people who think that homework is relevant for students because it can teach value of discipline, management of time and any non-academic skills.

The Children of Middle School often Interrupts our Talking

, Middle School Student And Parent:
, Interrupt Rule:

The children have the reason to interrupt our interruption. Middle school children need a good and friendly way in order that they do not interrupt our instructions. If they interrupt our instruction we can do these ways. Make sure to your children that there is a clear rule in the house. By this way they will understand and felt ashamed if they break the rule. You must always hear your children’s interruption before you give the comment to them. Wait for several minutes to give the comment to your children. You must be introspection to yourself first. You must always be confident, firm and consistent with your comment. So the children do not doubt with your explanation.

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1st – 5th Grader must be Creative in Mathematics Learning

, 1st Grade Learn Math:

1st – 5th grader is a special age in learning. The children are on the first until the fifth grades need the special way in learning. Mathematics is known as the difficult material in the school. There are so many children get the difficulty in learning mathematics. Learning mathematics for children is more complex. It is not only study about numbers. The children need the context in learning. The interested media for teaching mathematics can help the student in learning process. The children need the visual media such as picture, real object, video etc in learning. The interested media can help them learning easier.

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